We really pleased you want to join the conversation. Satellite interference in reality only affects a small number of services, however  when it does occur it can be extremely detrimental. We have achieved a number of major milestones over recent years, which you can read in full here.

Now we need to ensure widespread implementation of the new Carrier ID (CID) technology, as well as starting to improve the process of geolocation technology. To that end, if you want to know which products are compatible with CID, you can check our list here. If you have compatible products, which aren’t on the list, please send full details to press@satig.space

We need the entire industry to join the conversation to really make a difference, so whether you are a manufacturer, operator, end user, or other organisation, please do get in touch, give us your view or ask us questions, we are here to listen, help, engage, and action! So, please get in touch – info@satig.space or join our social media channels to join the conversation:

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