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SAN DIEGO, CA, June 26, 2018Constellations, the podcast where space industry leaders share their thoughts on business, policy and opportunities, announced today it has released its 25thepisode.  The guest for this event was Susan Bull, Sr. Consultant with COMSYS, the world’s foremost VSAT consultancy.Susanshared her thoughts on the impact of HTS on capacity pricing, the major business model changes satellite operators must make, and the aerospace mobility market.

Constellationsbrings together key influencers and leaders in the satellite and space industries, like Ms. Bull, to discuss emerging trends and technologies in New Space, HTS, Defense Policy and so much more. Recent guests have included:”

  • Assured Communications with Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, SVP, Inmarsat
  • Data Centers in Space, Cliff Beek, CEO and President, Cloud Constellation
  • High Throughput Satellites,Skot Butler, President, Intelsat General
  • Journey to Mars, Caleb Williams, Spaceworks
  • Free to Air, Lasers and Predictions about LEO, Jim Simpson, CEO, ABS
  • Balance, Certainty and Sharing the Spectrum, Tom Stroup, President, Satellite Industry Assoc.
  • Cloud Technology, Machine Intelligence & Bots, Dave Mihelcic, Federal CTO, Juniper Networks

Previous guests have commented on their participation in Constellations…

“I just had the privilege this morning to participate in Constellations podcast sponsored by Kratos. We had the most fascinating discussion on satellite technology, communications capabilities all for the military, I encourage you to take a listen, it was really fun to do and I look forward to seeing how many other guests will come forward.” – Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, SVP Government Policy, Strategy, and Outreach for Inmarsat.

“I am pleased to have been part of this excellent podcast series highlighting the space and satellite industry.  As I review the podcast I realize how much has happened at IGC in just a few short months.  I spoke about our high-throughput satellite platform and with our next launch in the 3rd quarter we will have completed the first global Ku-band HTS system driving a host of new opportunities for mobility platforms in the government sector.  Congratulations to Kratos for pushing boundaries and allowing me and my space colleagues a new platform for spreading the word about the exciting future of satellites and space.” – Skot Butler, President of Intelsat General

“Congratulations Kratos on your  #25 Constellation podcast.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the June podcast reviewing the key challenges facing the industry including the new HTS, LEO and other constellations and emerging technology.   With the advent of reusable rockets and increasing development of smaller affordable satellites, the industry is rapidly evolving and will bring more connectivity to the way we communicate – connecting the unconnected in the future.” – Jim Simpson, CEO of ABS

“Congratulations to Kratos on the 25th Constellations podcast. It was a pleasure participating in the July program and discussing the importance for the wireless and satellite industries to work together to meet the future connectivity demands of government, business and the American consumer.  With 5G on the horizon and plans for the launch of thousands of new commercial satellites, I am sure the impact of the industry will continue to grow and you will be celebrating a 50th podcast before too long.” – Tom Stroup, President of the Satellite Industry Association.

“ILS congratulates the Kratos Constellations podcast team on completing their milestone 25th episode. It was a pleasure being a guest to discuss the launch vehicle landscape and how ILS is enabling satellite communications services with the Proton and Angara launch vehicles. We wish the Constellations podcast team continued success and look forward to hearing and learning more with each episode.” – Kirk Pysher, President, International Launch Services (ILS)

Produced by Kratos, Constellationsis designed to provide a forum for people in the industry, and those merely interested in it, to learn from experts as they share their insights, experiences and expectations for the future.

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